About Us

My name is Kayla Tobias I am the owner of Cactus Jax Boutique!! Thank you for shopping with us you have no idea how happy it makes my heart :-)

I am based online and do pop up show I am located in the high desert in Southern Idaho home to sagebrush and juniper trees! The town I live in has a population of about 500.

I am happily married to Frank and we have a little guy named Jax that is where the name inspiration came from. These two are what keeps me motivated and driven to grow this business.

I enjoy bringing style to you babes that can make you feel comfortable, confident, and well to make you feel like a total badass!!

I would say I am free spirited and easy going although I do have a short temper but my rebound time is like 5 mins haha. My theme here is "Where the modern hippie gets a little western!" and I would say that is the true definition of me, I am a little western, funky, hippie, and have a heart of a traveler.

Feel free to message me anytime for any questions you may have!

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